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Environmental Attorneys Group is rapidly becoming nationally known as a law firm with a unique focus on helping individuals whose health has been stolen from them as a result of exposure to insidious environmental contaminants that they were confident were not dangerous or that they were unaware of at the time. In EAG's short history, the Firm's client base has grown dramatically as a result of referrals by satisfied clients and from other attorneys. EAG's attorneys have handled or are presently involved in complicated litigation matters filed in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi,Illinois and across the nation.

Martin K. Berks previously practiced at the Environmental Litigation Group, a Birmingham, Alabama law firm, where their practices were devoted almost exclusively to helping Alabama workers who had been injured by their job related exposure to asbestos. “We had become aware of the many people injured by exposure to other environmental hazards such as benzene, lead, silica or chlorinated solvents struggling to find experienced counsel to assist them in seeking justice. We formed the Environmental Attorneys Group to expand our legal practice into these other areas in addition to the asbestos litigation in which we were already heavily involved.”

Marty Berks has almost thirty years of litigation experience and a support staff of knowledgeable paralegals and assistants. Marty Berks has extensive experience in the State, Federal, and Appellate courts.

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